5 10 2008

Today marks the first entry of this blog.  I’m new to this, but I’ll try my best. To be honest, I don’t like blogging much and this idea came from a friend, Kenji.  We were chatting the other day over some really trivial stuff and it came down to us showing each other weird Japanese stuff, and he said that I should start a blog on it, and I thought “why not?”  This hits 2 birds with 1 stone.  I get to remember all the weird stuff I find all over the place,  and practice writing. It gets rusty.  So without further delay, the point of interest of this first post, the namesake of this blog, Water Salad.

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Some of you might know this already, but I found this a few years back rolling all around the internet and it kind of piqued my interest.  I still haven’t tried the real thing even if I spent a good whole 3 hours in Akiba (Akihabara. Dork Capital of the world)  last March looking for it. (Surprise Surprise. It was out of stock, who knew Water Salad would be a good selling point?) Anyway,  I trolled around on the internet some more and voila, look what I found.

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It came in 6 different flavors. Oh My God. Now I really have to try it. If 1 flavor wasn’t enough, what about 6? THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! I can just imagine Sushi salad flavor, Okonomonoyaki(Japanese pizza) Salad flavor, Tako(octopus) Salad Flavor, Curry Salad Flavor, Wasabi Salad flavor, and so on and so forth.

Amazing? that’s not all.  If you’d look at the first picture carefully, you’d see a Coca-Cola sign at the top part of the bottle, and as I already said, Water Salad was probably doing well enough for me not to be able to find any in Akiba. (My friend showed me to the place where it was sold, and there was a dent in the Water Salad area so I tried and searched for other sources of this miracle drink.)

Being the capitalists that they are, Pepsi, promptly answered the call.

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Lo n’ behold. Pepsi Ice cucumber. It went on sale a little more than a year ago, on June 12 2007,  and here are some people’s reactions. http://www.japanprobe.com/?p=1998

It probably wasn’t as tasty as the Water Salad anyway.  WaterSalad 1, Pepsi 0.

Pepsi Ice cucumber is probably rolling in its little green cucumberish coffin and saying あなたとは違うんです(I’m different from you).

One of these days, I’m gonna get my hands on these drinks.

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