Midori, The Blogging Plant. 今日の緑さん

9 10 2008

Yes. You read it right. The plant blogs.

今日の緑さん  (Midori San Today)
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Bowls cafe in Japan is home to Midori-san, the blogging plant. The interface and software was created by Kayac co, Ltd., and Midori san, a Sweetheart Hoya, has started blogging since about a week ago.  She blogs about weather, random stuff, thanks people who give her chances to photosynthesize, and even random fortune.
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Here’s the design diagram.

So. How does this really work? This system uses sensors to get faint electric signals, from the surroundings. It changes with temperature, vibration, humidity, movement, magnetism, etc. So basically, Midori-san would “know” if something happens to be near her. These are then loosely translated to data about Midori-san’s surroundings, and then posted up on the blog. Here’s Midori’s post for today, translated by yours truly.
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There’s more! Their site has a widget you can use to give Midori san some lighty-love by clicking on it, and typing a nickname. When you’ve done that, it shows a live webcam view of Midori in real time! cool no?

Man. Midori-san sure got the good life~ I’m sure plants all around the world are green with envy.

First a Mind reading game, then now a blogging plant. what will they come up with next? 😀 I’m just shaking with excitement!

Taken from Midori’s blog, Kayac co, Ltd. and Bowls.




10 responses

9 10 2008

so cool! i want my own animal blog! 😛 The Blogging FROG:P

9 10 2008

Cool! 🙂

Some people have Bog Gardens, which has always made me want to have a Blog Garden. 🙂

Now I know it’s not impossible.

10 10 2008
Daily Chihuahua

Nice site! Quite amusing.

10 10 2008

rain I couldnt see the site link of midori the plant. lol i was too excited seeing a blogging plant i did not notice if you’ve put up her link =p

10 10 2008

I’ve been blogging for 3 years and no one had noticed.

And this new plant sprouts out of nowhere and is hogging all the sunlight. Dx

11 10 2008

and all the artificial light too.

I notice your blog. ❤

15 10 2008

Lol, you were right to categorise this as ‘Wierd Stuff’. 😛

3 11 2008

Hey I want a blogging plan too. This is cool.
Stop by & check out my blog, would love to hear your comments as well

14 11 2008

Verrryyy interesting hehe ^^ I want one!!

19 11 2008

Very interesting! Though, when I visit the site, I can’t read anything because its not english. 😦

I stumbled upon here through the “you read mine, ill read yours” forum topic you posted. Great idea! 🙂

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