Manga Heaven.

6 10 2008


Look at the picture. See all those books. Manga. Every single one of them. Then imagine the floor to be about the size of two large 7-11 outlets. That’s about how large a floor is. Now imagine a whole 3 floors that large. That’s pretty much how large a comic store is in over in Akiba. It is one of many.

Whoah. I was really overwhelmed when I first stepped in one of these shops. So many comics, So little time(and money).

Anyway, the store was divided by demographic sections. For those of you familiar with manga, Shounen(少年), Shoujo(少女), Josei(女性), Seinen(青年), and finally eroge (エロゲ).

Shounen = young boys
Shoujo = young girls
Josei = girls
Seinen = guys
eroge = ero manga. H-manga.

I brought a list with me, on it was written some manga I was looking for. It took me quite a while just to walk around the store all 3 floors of it, much more browse for the manga(s) I was looking for(All in Seinen section. Don’t get any ideas. -_-) I found it after a good hour’s search. Phew. 1 down 3 to go. While I was browsing I found some interesting stuff you can only seen over there. They have a whole rack of BL… what the? and the biggest surprise was, there were some boys browsing in that section. I just quickly walked away from the area.

Now then, when I couldn’t find the manga I was looking for, I gathered up my courage and asked the store clerk where to find “IRYUU” in clumsy, broken Japanese. “Iryuu manga doko desu ka?” and of course he answered me in moonspeak. Why couldn’t he just point? Ok. Plan failed. Seems like the store clerk couldn’t understand English either. luckily your friendly neighborhood otaku, saw me struggling with communication and helped me out by pointing out where to find it. Thank you my Densha otoko. I would’ve preferred a Densha Onna though.

Now I wonder, where do they get that much paper for that? Most of my friends read manga through the internet. There is already a good number of manga that can be read online, but that isn’t in anyway representative of the number mangas out there. Only if these manga could sell as electronic data, or some other format, wouldn’t it save a whole forest worth of trees? The Japanese sure love using paper.

The sheer number of manga amazes me, even today. Manga-ka. The poor man’s job.




11 responses

6 10 2008

rain, omg you lucky guy you! i can just imagine those mangas would be nothing short of heaven, and you are right, little time and (money) is a BIG problem. haha. did you buy any mangas lately? 😉

6 10 2008

No. Haven’t actually had the time to buy manga lately. 😦
I want some new manga. >,<

6 10 2008

what mangas have you been scouting for? are you the mild hentai type or the action packed type? haha

6 10 2008

Mrr. If you know me well enough, I’m a manga connoisseur. I read a lot, but the series I’m really following right now would be IRYUU, team medical dragon, a medical drama. 😀

7 10 2008

Wow that’s one packed manga shop!! 😀
Where I live there’s a small comic book store in the mall but it’s really little. they mostly only carry of Spider man Bat man type comics, I wish they had an bigger supply of manga there.

7 10 2008
Ms. Mouse

I never got into manga, but yikes! I know some people who would go completely ga-ga over that place…

7 10 2008

Translated manga is rare outside of Japan, and furthermore, a lot of the good ones go untranslated. But thanks to scanlation groups like “Deadbeat Scans” We get to read some pretty cool manga for free 🙂
It would be great if every country’s reading culture gets as good as it is in Japan though.

7 10 2008

Cool! I’m a manga fan too.:D I used to be ULTRA addicted to FullMetal Alchemist, Inu Yasha and Gravitation. lol

7 10 2008

Maybe because they have a lot of trees? : P and invent some techie stuff to clone them in case they ran out of it ? 😛 just a thought..hehehe

7 10 2008

@ princessproblematic- Gravitation is awesome, ive watched that but never read it’s manga. i wanna read manga, and watch a whole hell lot more but i don’t have time for it.such a shame, yess. =\

9 10 2008

I love plant…..

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